Helping Clients With All Types Of Divorce And Family Law Issues

Many people facing a divorce or other family law issue think that there is going to be a "winner" at the end of it all. However, that is really not the case. There is no "winner" in divorce. The divorce process is one that can turn complicated and drawn-out if not handled by the right kind of family law attorney. An attorney who is truly looking out for your best interests will be straightforward with your options and goals while trying to seek an efficient and amicable resolution for your case.

Advocating For Families In Tulsa Since 1987

At Boettcher & Drummond, our team of seasoned family law attorneys has decades of experience representing clients with all types of family law issues. Cynthia Boettcher has over 30 years of experience, while Cecil Drummond has over 50 years. Experience can truly make all the difference in a divorce or other family law matter.

We are unique in that no matter what, you know you will be getting a seasoned attorney for your particular family law case. Both our lawyers are very familiar and knowledgeable with local laws, court systems and judges. Furthermore, we are constantly staying on top of the latest in Oklahoma family law changes.

Our Family Law Practice

You will find our law firm to be comprehensive when it comes to family law issues. When you come to our law office, we will give you candid and thorough advice as to how your situation could likely play out.

Some of the family law issues we help clients with include:

  • Legal separation and divorce
  • Division of assets and liabilities and property division
  • Child custody, visitation and parenting time
  • Paternity and child support
  • Alimony, spousal support or spousal maintenance
  • Post-divorce or post-decree modifications, including move-aways/relocations
  • Enforcements — both requesting and in defense of enforcements
  • Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

We do everything we can to help our clients avoid expensive and unnecessary divorce litigation. Our goal is to help you achieve a resolution efficiently. This often includes negotiations and mediation. In fact, mediation is required in a divorce in Tulsa County. However, if it comes to going to litigation, we are very experienced and more than prepared to fight for our clients at trial.

Tell Us About Your Family Law Matter Today

Our law firm is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We encourage you to reach out to us as soon as possible so we can hear your story and start giving you legal options. Contact us online or call 918-921-1046 to schedule your free initial consultation. We take appointments on nights and weekends by request.